Winning Rent Control Against All Odds

Yes on 33 rally with Dolores Huerta (center) in Los Angeles

Statewide rent control initiatives were voted down in California by almost 20 points. Why should we believe that we can win this time with the Yes on 33 Act in November? And why do we keep trying?

If you believe as we do that housing is a human right, then there is no date stamp on how long we fight for it. If housing is a necessity, then the battle for affordable housing only expires when everyone is housed. Human rights battles usually take decades to accomplish, and so often it is when we are most discouraged that we breakthrough.

Now is definitely the time for rent control. The plight of California’s renters has never been worse. Homelessness is just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of tenants are rent-burdened, having to choose between rent and food or other necessities.

California tenants have no time to wait. We know the legislature — which is bought and paid for by Big Real Estate — is not coming to the rescue. Only the voters can fix this mess. It is urgent that this third rent control vote in 2024 is the charm.

We are having a presidential election where more voters will be paying close attention. The Yes on 33 Act has been simplified to just 23 words, making it harder for corporate landlords and their front group, the California Apartment Association, to confuse you.

The November ballot measure is not just a benefit for renters. A million people have left California. More than 181,000 people are homeless. Property values are at risk. Our public image is horrible.

We need renters, homeowners, and small landlords to unite and stand up to the billionaires’ boys club that is making our state unlivable.

Vote “Yes” on rent control this November. Vote “Yes” for the Yes on 33 Act.

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